Luther M. Maddy III

Two Years On The Run

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Two Years on the Run

What readers are saying about Two Years on the Run

"Very entertaining...." Sandy, Idaho

"This is really funny, I couldn't put it down. I read it all in one day." George, Utah

"Read the first chapter and I was hooked. This is really good...." Sarah, Idaho

"It's not what I expected. You turned tragedy into tears, but they are tears of laughter..." Ray, California

"This book makes even the mundane funny!" Al, Idaho


Losing his spouse of nearly twenty-eight years to fast moving cancer the author found himself facing loneliness like never before. To combat this powerful malady, he took the most logical steps he could think of: Within eight months of her passing he had married a woman he barely knew, and decided to live life in the fast lane on a motorcycle.

"Two Years on the Run" is the story of the author and his wife, also widowed, attempting to build a history together. As they travel to Alaska, Florida, and Maui, backpack Zion National Park and take many motorcycle trips in the first two years of their marriage, they face their painful pasts and build memories together.

As you travel with the author and his spouse, you'll enjoy his self-deprecating humor as he describes his attempts to transition into this new life. You'll face the challenges with them as they travel four thousand miles in two weeks on their bikes, overcoming the elements and the author's mechanical ineptitude. Along the way you'll laugh with and at the author and learn interesting facts about the places he visits.

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